Some would describe us as an old fashion film company, we prefer vintage.  FINC is a company whose goal is to tell true, heartfelt, personal stories. We have no desire to make the biggest explosions or the obvious choice, nor are we influenced by what's popular. We don't need rappers or rock stars to sell our stories. We use our stories to sell our stories.

We connect with consumers at a heart level. We hope to make them laugh and we want to make them cry. But above all, we will make them think. We aim to provoke moments in film where viewers have to ask, “what would I do if that were me?” We strive for uneasy Deja Vu. We shine light on the simple stories that define us. We believe with unwavering certainty that not only is there nothing wrong with intelligent story driven films, but in fact, audiences crave them. We are more than a film company; we are a resurgence of the art form.