Desmond Faison is a multi-talented Director, Actor, Producer and Photographer born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  Having earned a Bachelor’s degree from Montana State University, where he played Division I football, the idea of being a career artist never crossed his mind until a fluke audition landed him on the set of a locally broadcast courtroom drama, We the Jury. The very first time he heard the director call out, “Action!” Desmond knew his life had been changed. Less than 12 months later, he packed up his old Dodge Status and headed for Hollywood.
Fast-forward 13 years, and Desmond has earned an impressive resume as a self-taught director, well-trained, talented actor, skilled photographer, and production company owner in Los Angeles.
As a Director / Producer, Desmond has quietly been amassing a resume as one of new media's most accomplished and sought after talents. Among his accomplishments, The Couple. a series he not only helped produce, but pulled double duty as the show lead “Dude.” The Couple ultimately purchased by HBO for development, garnered the attention of legendary director, Spike Lee, signing him on to EP the project. Since then Desmond has produced and directed content along side the new media darling turned house hold name, Issa Rae. Producing all, and directing 10 of 16 episodes of her smash hit, new media series (news coming soon) “First.” Currently his focus has shifted to working with Project Green Light Digital studios in a joint venture to create the new media series “In-Between.” He is also currently hard at work on a series with Kevin Hart and Lionsgate's collaborative LOL platform.  A sketch comedy series. featuring YouTube rock stars and frequent collaborators Dormtainment (1million YouTube Subscribers). His biggest personal accomplishment however, may be his debut feature film, KILLING LAZARUS. which just recently concluding a very successful and award winning festival run.
KILLING LAZARUS has been picked up for distribution and should be available on large scale in the very near future.  
In 2007, Desmond launched FINC Entertainment Group, a boutique production company that has produced award-winning feature / short films and web-based advertisements seen worldwide. FINC Entertainment’s viral advertising campaigns have landed Desmond’s high-profile clients (including Portland Public Parks, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Nike, Inc.), millions of views across the virtual space. Desmond has proven to have a knack for bringing out the innate gifts in actors, while also dealing with the special needs of elite talent.
Desmond has also been fortunate to incorporate his passion for still photography into his body of work.  He has photographed actors, professional athletes, models and every day people. Beyond the normal tedium of shutters, Desmond works hard to find and capture the otherwise fleeting details that bring a special authenticity to his photos. Proud of being self-taught, Desmond credits numerous mistakes, trials and errors as the largest influences on his non-traditional photographic voice helping him to amass a portfolio featuring NBA stars Nicolas Batum, Evan Fournier, and Swaggy P (aka Nick Young) to name a few.
While Desmond concludes that a fervent refusal to stick to the rules and an overall eclectic approach to life are what make him a special artist, he also suspects that his unusual love for photographing clouds is a clue toward his inherently creative nature.

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